5 Fat-Busting Myths ... EXPOSED!

WARNING: Our 5 Fat-Busting Myths EXPOSED will probably make you a little dismayed and annoyed with the proponents  of the "Fat is Bad for You" myth. Many diligent dieters have been derailed and have NOT succeeded with a satisfying safe weight-loss for the last two decades at least ...

You'll learn WHY "good fats" ARE necessary for your body and the prudent steps to take to lose weight safely - and keep diabetes at bay.

The 5 Fat-Busting Myths:

5 Fat-Busting Myths EXPOSED!
  1. I'm Over 50 and I can't Lose Weight; Am I Destined to be Fat Forever?
  2. You Need to Eat Less Fat because Fat Makes You Fat!
  3. You Can't Eat Eggs Any More ...
  4. Packaged Diet Meals Must be OK to Eat, Right?
  5. All Fats Are Bad!

These myths are all debunked in our free eBook below!

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What our '5-Myths Exposed'
eBook readers say:

5 Fat-Busting Myths EXPOSED!

Jennie M - Thanks Susan. Yes, I agree about the eggs. How wrong they were about not eating eggs!

Brianna G - What a great free book! Thanks. Going Keto tomorrow ...

Robin J - It's so true about diet package meals. You don't know what's in them and it doesn't teach you "how" to eat.

Marta K - It's ALL in your mind. It starts there. Re-thinking your pre-conceived notions is a GOOD way to get going on YOUR Keto weight-loss journey.

A Quick Note From Susan

No matter what time of year (meaning swim-suit season or wrapped in winter woollies season) we all crave to look our best. It's not just how we look, though. It's how we feel.

We constantly berate ourselves for not losing the excess weight. We wish there was some magic potion — or magic wand — to wave over ourselves. We all know that this magic doesn't exist.

We pay small fortunes for weight loss programs (been there, done that) and after a mediocre 10 lb weight loss, we fall off the wagon and continue eating as before. This is madness and you don't need me to tell you that.

What I CAN tell you is this: Going Keto changed my life. As of typing this on June of 2021, I've been at goal weight for months now. And I haven't reverted to eating the floury-crap that I consumed when I was fat.

"So what,?" you're thinking ... or, "Well, that's great for you, but it won't work for me." And you know what? You're absolutely right. You have to be VERY careful with the messages you are sending to your brain. Your brain only does what it is told to do by you. You can see where I'm going with this. Don't let your excuses stop you from losing the excess weight. The first step is the hardest — meaning the days leading up to "taking the plunge" are the hardest. Actually being on the Keto diet is EASY. Why? Because you know you've made the decision. You're on your way to a healthier, lighter you.

And you and your brain can be happy about that.

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5 Fat-Busting Myths EXPOSED!
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What is a
Keto Diet?

On a Keto diet we eat more fat for fuel and drastically cut the carbs.
This enables the body to quickly use the carbs we eat first and then
the body has no choice but to burn the stored fat-reserves for fuel.
The state of burning off the fat is called Ketogenesis.

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