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Finally-KETO Diet Stuff You WANT to KNOW, Issue #101
January 20, 2022

Happy New Year ...

to all you would-be weight-loss losers!

Now then, don’t take that line the wrong way! It means “let’s start off with THIS year being the year that you lose the weight … for good!”

Skepticism Hurts YOU!

I know it’s easy to be skeptical. Been there myself. When I first started my Keto Diet back in January of 2020, I NEVER thought I’d get the results I did…

Knowing that you THINK there’s a chance of failure actually means you’ve nothing to lose in TRYING, right? Use some reverse psychology on yourself.

Just picture this: imagine what would happen if the diet DID work? Wow. Never saw that coming, huh?

Something To Be Said For ‘Just Do It’

Yep, Nike started it, but let me and you finish it. Let’s finish the end of 2022 at GOAL WEIGHT. Look, to be honest, I was AMAZED at how fast the weight came off! OK, so there’s a few dietary adjustments to be made but with the right frame of mind, it’s easy. As in life, too.

How Do You Get Started?

Again, Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ comes to mind and that means learning what having diabetes is like. I stumbled upon a great book, “Deconstructing Diabetes” while doing a review for the guy’s book. NEVER in a million years did I KNOW that this was my catalyst. Let it be yours too.

Check out my ‘books’ page; you’ll find links to Gary’s book there. It may not be an easy read, but anything worth while often isn’t easy. Take the time - you owe it to yourself.

Check out the link below; it'll take you to my "books" page on Finally-KETO. Gary's book is the first one. Get it. Read it. Digest it. It's calorie-free. books.html This is what the cover looks like, so just head on over to the books link above and read more about it. Best INVESTMENT I ever made. It got the ball rolling. And the fat fell off.


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