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Welcome to my About finally-KETO page... I hope you're excited to learn more about the fascinating Keto diet.

I can honestly say—after 30+ years of dieting—that a Keto diet is the only diet that FINALLY worked for me ~ which in turn created the name of this site: finally-KETO!

>>> How I Discovered the KETO Diet! <<<

> How I Discovered <
the KETO Diet!

Understanding How A Keto Diet Works

Understanding How
A Keto Diet Works

My job here is to tell you about finally KETO and help you understand how the Ketogenic diet works.

Finally KETO can help you shed those stubborn pounds!

Begin by reading these three posts:

Post 1 - What Causes Diabetes?
Post 2 - Good Fats
Post 3 - Net Carbs

Now it's TIME to get started! Check out these 3 VERY important pages. Learn how to get started, and what Keto foods to eat. Yes, you CAN eat sweet treats!

Starting A Keto Diet
Part 1 - Starting a Keto Diet 
Part 2 - Keto Foods to Eat 
Part 3 - Keto Sweet Treats

Starting A
Keto Diet

Part 1 - Starting a Keto Diet 
Part 2 - Keto Foods to Eat 
Part 3 - Keto Sweet Treats

ThinSlim Foods To OUR Rescue!

I also came across a great company that manufactures zero net-carb breads, cookies, muffins etc. AND gluten-free (also zero net-carb) goods. The company is called ThinSlim Foods; see their ads farther down the page!

What About finally-KETO
Made It Work For Me?

What About
Made It
Work For Me?

When NOTHING else worked—I’ve tried every diet known to (wo)man—I thought “why not give this a try?” So glad I did. You will be too. The more you learn about Finally-Keto, the faster you'll shed the weight.

For way over four decades I’ve been up, down, up, down—sideways—up, down, up on the weighing scales. Look, I'd heard of Keto diets and just thought it was a fad. I was so WRONG!

What convinced me to try a Keto diet was (quite by accident) coming across this book titled Deconstructing Diabetes by Gary Zeidman. I soon discovered that what I'd previously thought about low-fat dieting was all WRONG.

I also discovered why I wasn't keeping the weight off after starving myself on a low-fat diet... and my blood was boiling. I was furious after reading it (but in a good way, as it made me take ACTION).

finally-KETO Is Here For You!

This 'About' page on finally-KETO—and the rest of the site—is here, so I can try to be of help to you if you are having a rough time shedding those dang stubborn pounds (especially after menopause)!

I can't wait to share with you all my tips and recipes!

Susan Gast owner, Finally-Keto and more

Need Reasons
to go KETO?

5 Fat-Busting Myths EXPOSED by Finally Keto

read 5 good reasons right HERE
"5 Fat-Busting Myths EXPOSED"
Are you FED UP with the old DIET INDUSTRY?
Yes, you CAN lose weight!

The Biggest Reason
For NOT Doing Something

I just coined that headline (or maybe not). But whoever said it first, it's so darned true! We come up with many reasons why we can't do something... and the root cause is Fear of Failure. Why try something if you think you're going to fail?

But what if you DON'T fail?

So what about Finally-KETO? Are YOU ready? We're all about getting YOU on the path to success. Stick that fear of failure in the garbage can—where it belongs.

Blog Posts

If you like my posts, make sure you subscribe to our feed over on the RH sidebar on a destkop computer. On a cell phone, the Recent Posts are at the foot of the content column... in either of those two places, look for the tiny orange RSS icon. Click on it, and select Feedly (the green bar). It's free. This way, you'll be able to keep up-to-date with my Keto posts.

Keeping Track...

Check out my weight loss progress chart... and follow up charts HERE.

I hope it's as inspiring to you as it continues to be for me!

A Disclaimer Before You "Go Keto"

A Disclaimer Before
You "Go Keto"

If you don't already have diabetes, make sure you won't get it. Go Keto. And if you have diabetes? Please visit your doctor or a nutritionist and talk over 'going Keto' with them.

Make sure your doctor and/or nutritionist is Keto-savvy first by first calling them. There's too much bad info. out there surrounding Keto diets.

It's probably propaganda from the massive diet companies out there who want to keep you fat and eating their products. 'Nuff said.

Susan Gast owner, Finally-Keto and more

Susan Gast created Finally-Keto.com on June 10th, 2020. Read Susan's story of what sparked her interest in all things related to the Keto Diet.

Susan is featured on Mother Earth News blog, and on Solo Build It (SBI) who host this site along with her sister site, Easy Food Dehydrating. Read her first SBI interview, and her second SBI interview. Susan also runs an additional SBI website: SusanGast.com - Non-Fiction Author - and showcases many of the books she's created and marketed over the years.

Since 1980, Susan's involvement in publishing - in one form or another - led her to create a "review site" of products related to the publishing industry. Visit ePubTechReviews today.

Do you want to send Susan a quick message? Visit her contact page here. She'd love to hear from you!

Thanks for Visiting About finally-KETO,
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Thanks for Visiting About finally-KETO,
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