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Books for Recommended Reading:
Please check out these Amazon best-sellers!

It's what you need to know to get started on a Keto Diet.

Must-Read Book #1

Deconstructing Diabetes by Gary Zeidman

Deconstructing Diabetes
How to Prevent and Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

My gosh —  after reading Gary's book Deconstructing Diabetes, I was LIVID. We've all been conned into believing what the big diet industry and old-fashioned doctors want us to believe.

But you know what? I turned that annoyed frustration into something good. It finally made me "go Keto" and drop over 40 pounds. It also spurred me into action and that's why this site, Finally-Keto, was created. It was "Finally" Keto that gave me lasting weight-loss results.

Gary's book takes you through his harrowing journey to full health. Read how he was mislead (unintentionally?) time after time after time. See how Gary tackled his failing health to reach a state of great health!

Must-Get Book #2

Simply Keto by Suzanne Ryan

Simply Keto
A practical Approach to Health & Weight Loss
with 100+ easy low-carb recipes

I LOVE Suzanne's recipes. This is a must-get book in my opinion. Not only is it beautiful to look at, the recipes are easy to make and taste downright delicious.

I love the Mug Muffins (I make the chocolate chip ones and devour them with a big blob of butter!)

Should-Get Book #3

Beyond Simply Keto by Suzanne Ryan

Beyond Simply Keto
With a step-by-step guide to Keto & 100 Easy Recipes

This book is also on our list - and is a "should-get" at the very least. Again, you won't be disappointed. Chock-full of beautifully photographed recipes that delight your taste buds and leave your stomach happy and satisfied.

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ThinSlim Foods Hamburger Buns
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Books To Help You Keep Track

Keto Kick-Off Journal

read more here:
Daily Meal planner with Daily Personal Journal – for Six Months

Keto Recipe and Meal Tracker

read more here:
Daily Meal planner for Favorite
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, and Snacks!

Finally Keto Recipe Keeper

read more here:

Finally KETO Recipe Keeper
Keep your fave recipes in ONE place!
Keeps original cookbooks in pristine condition.

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The price you pay does not increase.

Also as  a ThinSlim Foods, and Cronometer affiliate, I may earn a small commission too.
Again, the price you pay does not increase.
You help me keep the lights on!

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What is a
Keto Diet?

On a Keto diet we eat more fat for fuel and drastically cut the carbs.
This enables the body to quickly use the carbs we eat first and then
the body has no choice but to burn the stored fat-reserves for fuel.
The state of burning off the fat is called Ketogenesis.

Get started on the right path today at finally-KETO