Deconstructing Diabetes

Deconstructing Diabetes by Gary Zeidman

Gary Zeidman’s book titled Deconstructing Diabetes should be a “must-read” for everyone who has fallen prey to the fallacies of fat being bad for you. (Eating it - that is).

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It’s for those of us who are wondering why we can’t lose weight even though we’re “cutting down on the fat.” (Hint: that’s the reason why you can’t lose weight!)

Let me just add here for those of you who are wondering what the heck I’m talking about: In order to LOSE the belly fat ... and the fat thighs, fat arms, and fat bum ... we need to cut way back on carbohydrates. Why? So the body can burn those off first for fuel (as it was designed to do).

A  Happy Coincidence

Back to Gary’s book. It was a reading assignment for me (I work for Beesville Books) and I’m so HAPPY it fell into my lap. Deconstructing Diabetes covers way more than just weight loss; Gary delves into nutrition, hormones, your body’s metabolism, and yes: weight loss.

Gary touts that he’s dropped 100 lbs - got his health back - and has eliminated ALL prescriptions INCLUDING 800u of insulin daily. He then goes on to tell you all about his journey from hell to happiness and uncovers ‘band-aid’ fixes perpetuated by the big Pharma companies themselves with government involvement. (Wow, big shocker there.)

My Deconstructing Diabetes
Book Review

After reading Gary’s book, I posted this review on Amazon on January 11th, 2020 (and the day after I started my Keto Diet!):

"OMG - I’m SO annoyed. Wow. This book should be a #1 Bestseller …. so glad I read this well-written and researched book. It must have been very frightening for the author to have to go through all the stuff the doctors’ prescribed…

Key takeaway: “More insulin is the last thing a diabetic needs. Prescribed insulin will expedite the cycle and perpetuate the worsening of our condition.”

I can’t help but agree with these lines too: “There is more money to be made in keeping people sick than keeping people healthy.”

And “There is a theme of being sold both the problem and solution by the same people” in regard to pushing hormone-filled crap and then selling us hormone-reducing meds (author’s words in quotes, my additional words not in quotes).

Another good point is, “We were never meant to be eating all the time.” Fasts are a good thing. For those impatient people reading this review who want to know WHAT to eat, chapter 11 details the amounts of carbs, fats, and exercise to do AND then continues with suggested foods TO EAT! :-) I printed out that page!

For decades I’ve had everything backwards (food-wise)… so it’s off to the market for MEAT. It’s what’s for dinner.

Susan Gast

Did Anyone Else Agree?

The next thing I did was go online to see if anyone agreed with his hypothesis? Yes, they did. I did a book-buying spree and got Suzanne Ryan’s Simply Keto and Beyond Simply Keto and I also read Amy Ramos’ book The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners too.

Know what? I just wish I’d done all this sooner.

After Reading Deconstructing Diabetes
I Went Keto!

I’m down from a high of 151 lbs to 119 lbs as I type this. I have another 10 lbs to go. And I know - without a shadow of a doubt - that I’ll get there. And remain at goal weight. I'm NOT missing out on any 'forbidden foods' because what I thought was forbidden is NOT (anymore).

The Keto diet works because it’s filling (Suzanne says, “fat is filling” and it is!), and I’m enjoying bacon and eggs again … without the guilt. I’m eating healthy fats like olive oil and coconut oil - and enjoying avocados!

Better Bread

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Instead of 'regular carb-laden bread' I get Zero Net Carbs Rye Bread by ThinSlim Foods: it does the trick and looks, tastes and feels like real bread ~ because it IS REAL HEALTHY bread!

Why this bread works is due to its fiber content - the 14g of fiber 14g cancels out the 14g of carbs therefore making this tasty bread Zero Net Carbs!

I also enjoy making my own bagels using one of Suzanne Ryan’s recipes from Simply Keto.

I would never have achieved the success I have without having first read Gary Zeidman’s book, Deconstructing Diabetes

Thanks Gary!

Deconstructing Diabetes by Gary Zeidman

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What is a
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This enables the body to quickly use the carbs we eat first and then
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The state of burning off the fat is called Ketogenesis.

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