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Good Fats?

Alarmed by the word good fats? You’re not alone. For years I had it backwards. Meaning? I thought all fats were bad and I had to reduce fats in my diet, because - you know - clogged arteries and weight gain would be the result if I ate fatty foods.

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Back then, I drastically reduced my caloric intake. I lost a few pounds … and even though I never went to look for it … it piled right back on! (Groan).

The problem was: I was always hungry!
During my work day at Beesville Books, I came across a great book by Gary Zeidman quite by accident. His book is called Deconstructing Diabetes. Funny how fate works. Up until reading Gary’s book, I was under the assumption that fat makes you fat. Period. End.

But The Exact OPPOSITE Is True!

I found out that the exact opposite is true. We need to eat more fat … MUCH more fat in fact. I know that’s hard to grasp.

But we do need the essential fatty acids (fat) and essential amino acids (protein). 
And to quote another great Keto book author, Amy Ramos, of The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners:

"There’s no such thing as
essential carbohydrates."

Amy Ramos

This led me to finding out which fats are good for us, and what are the “not-so-good” for us fats?

The GOOD FATS Identified

It’s time to stop giving butter a bad rap. It’s time to eat butter and enjoy it… along with coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, and ghee.
(Fats to avoid: vegetable oil and soybean oil).
Gary says this about fat in his Deconstructing Diabetes book:

"Dietary Fat does not cause body fat. It does not cause
weight gain. The consumption of fat does not cause
the arteries of your heart to get clogged. It does not
cause the increased cholesterol.
It is not the cause of fat accumulation in your liver.
It does not cause diabetes."

Gary Zeidman

It Then Begs The Question ...

What does cause the aforementioned concerns? Drum roll please ...


The carbohydrates you consume are turned into sugar (glucose) which we use for fuel.

The excess (un-burned) fuel/sugar then turns into fat in your liver, pancreas, and that is what creates disease AND weight increase from ingesting too many carbohydrates!

Second Opinions

I was thoroughly annoyed and disgusted by the fact that I'd been on the wrong side of fat (in more ways than one!) for the past three decades. Instead of being a cheerleader of digesting fat, I was its biggest critic. After all these years of avoiding fat, this "fat is OK" discovery really rubbed me the wrong way. There IS such a thing as good fats.

I was then VERY thankful to have read Gary’s book. This was followed by some some serious binge book-buying on Amazon for second, third and tenth opinions. They were all in agreement. Keto diets work.

Simply Keto by Suzanne Ryan
Beyond Simply Keto by Suzanne Ryan

I purchased these books (shown above) by Suzanne Ryan namely:

Simply Keto
Beyond Simply Keto

Both are excellent books and include easy recipes that even I can fix and find time for! And to keep them clean, I use the Finally Keto Recipe Keeper.

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What is a
Keto Diet?

On a Keto diet we eat more fat for fuel and drastically cut the carbs.
This enables the body to quickly use the carbs we eat first and then
the body has no choice but to burn the stored fat-reserves for fuel.
The state of burning off the fat is called Ketogenesis.

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