Look At My Hamburger Buns!

ThinSlim Foods Hamburger Buns

Now that I’ve got your attention re hamburger buns … what I’m talkin’ about are these Keto hamburger buns by ThinSlim Foods - they are ZERO net CARBS! Their brightly colored packaging proclaims, “Love the Taste” but it’s more than just their taste that I love!

ThinSlim Foods advertisements

ThinSlim Foods® has ZERO NET CARB breads ...
and a whole lot more! (Pasta, Cakes, Cookies...)

ThinSlim Foods Hamburger Buns
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Go Low Carb!

ThinSlim Foods Came Through!

After four months into my Keto diet, I decided to try some zero net carb bread. I checked out the Amazon reviews (as you do) and the only negative was some of their deliveries arrived “spoiled.” Nevertheless I gave ThinSlim Foods via Amazon a chance.

ThinSlim Foods knew about a spoilage problem and I discovered that they went to town with better heavy-duty-sealed packaging. Yay!

I decided to go to their site directly and bought their Sampler Pack (shown here) and I also ordered these goodies:

Here's what one of ThinSlim Foods' pizza crusts look like filled and baked! ;-) Click on images to bring them up larger in a gallery. Use "X Close" to exit the gallery.

ThinSlim Foods Pizza Crust in heavy-duty sealed package with oxygen absorber
ThinSlim Foods Pizza crust with toppings after being baked

Get the recipe for our pizza shown above and check out its numbers in our "By the Numbers" section on its page! Far, far, FAR less carbs than a regular pizza crust/pie!

ThinSlim Foods Hamburger Buns

OK, back to the hamburger buns!  It's so easy to get distracted because ThinSlim Foods breads are that good!

The hamburger buns have the look, feel AND taste of a real bun - minus the carbs. When you slice it in half, you get real bread texture! Why? Because they use real bread ingredients AND they add fiber. The fiber provides the stable blood-sugar levels and creates the 'zero net-carb' effect.

The product packaging shows 14g carbs ... but when you deduct the 14g of fiber, it makes it a zero net-carb bread, as mentioned above. Read this important page about how to calculate Net Carbs here.

These hamburger buns were crying out for mini sliders … The image below is of a 2 oz. slider on a ThinSlim Foods hamburger bun spread with mayonnaise and mustard, along with Boston lettuce and Hass avocado slices.

Check out our recipes page here.

Slider on a ThinSlim Foods net zero bun

My sliders are 2 oz. each raw but I’m pretty sure you’d get a thick 4 oz.-er on a bun, or a slimmish 3 oz.-er … I’ll test that theory out later and share my findings (and pics!) with you.

Hamburger Buns Are Perfect
Topped With Keto Chili!

In Suzanne Ryan’s book, Simply Keto, she shares a great chili recipe. That got me to thinking that her chili on one of these buns would be awesome too! Kinda like a Sloppy Joe?

ThinSlim Foods Have More
   Than Just Hamburger Buns ...

What got me started on ThinSlim Foods bread in the first place was their rye bread. Read more about ThinSlim Rye Bread here on finally-KETO.

Just to let you know, ThinSlim Foods has a wide array of Keto-friendly zero net carb breads. They have the rye bread I've shown you and honey bread along with "Everything" bread too! See my list of ThinSlim Foods breads below!!!:

Fancy something sweet? Check out my list of ThinSlim Foods goodies below:

Here is ThinSlim Foods Sampler Pack:

ThinSlim Foods advertisements

ThinSlim Foods® has ZERO NET CARB breads ...
and a whole lot more! (Pasta, Cakes, Cookies...)

ThinSlim Foods Hamburger Buns
Click LINK below to

Go Low Carb!

FREEZE the Buns

When the hamburger buns arrive, I immediately put them in Ziploc® sandwich bags and freeze them. This way, there’s NO CHANCE of spoilage and I can thaw out a bun in minutes when I want one.

These buns are NOT cheap, but I don’t think you can put a price on achieving good health (or maintaining it). I'm happy to spend more money for quality products that keep the carbs in check.

I also reuse the Ziploc bags. After I've removed the bread/bun I put it on a plate to thaw. I immediately put the bag BACK in the freezer. I also write on the Ziploc bags using a black fine-tipped market pen just what's IN the bag.Call me cheap but I don't like to waste stuff.

* As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.
The price you pay does not increase.

Also as  a ThinSlim Foods, and Cronometer affiliate, I may earn a small commission too.
Again, the price you pay does not increase.
You help me keep the lights on!

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