Hot Dog on Zero Net Carb Bun

Hot Dog on a ThinSlim Foods Zero Net Carb Hot Dog Bun

This tasty Hot Dog on Zero Net Carb Bun lets you ENJOY eating hot dogs without the guilt. How? ThinSlim Foods have fabulous hot dog buns that your hot dog is crying out for! If you're tired of eating a hot dog sans bun, here is the zero net carb bun you've been missing! Simply follow this recipe from finally-KETO!

Granted, there's NOT much to making a hot dog, but I wanted to create this "recipe" so you can go check out our "By the Numbers" for the cal/fat/protein/net carb amounts.

There's a huge carb difference when you enjoy your hot dog on a zero net carb bun! We're talking ZERO carbs (bun-wise) using a ThinSlim Foods hot dog bun ... but on a regular Wonder bread hot dog bun there are 21 grams of carbohydrate-difference!

TWENTY ONE GRAMS: Gulp. That's my daily goal for a DAY'S WORTH of NET carbs!  Look, I don't mind paying more for bread if it means I can eat a hotdog without all the carbs and guilt!

Hot Dog on Zero Net Carb Bun

  • 1 Angus Ballpark Bun-length (full fat i.e. "regular") hot dog
  • 1 ThinSlim Foods Hot Dog Bun - zero net-carbs!
  • 1/2 tablespoon Mayonnaise (regular)
  • 1 teaspoon Dijon Mustard

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Hot Dog on a ThinSlim Foods Zero Net Carb Hot Dog Bun

How To Make
Hot Dog on Zero Net Carb Bun

  1. Boil, grill, or use a Cosori Air Fryer to cook your hot dog (see the Cosori below)
  2. While the hot dog is cooking, spread the mayonnaise and mustard on your bun
  3. Pop your cooked hot dog in the bun
... and savor every bite!

The Cosori Air Fryer

Here's the Cosori Air Fryer ... this model is the "smart" model with fancy push buttons and presets. My model isn't "smart", i.e. I chose the model "black with knob" over the digital model. Why? I just like having total control of my temperature AND timing ... plus it's less buttons to keep pushing and hear beeping!

The Cosori Air Fryer does a FANTASTIC job of cooking anything! But for this recipe, my hot dog cooks evenly and looks all nice and brown and juicy in the Cosori. When you boil 'em, they tend to look anemic (to me). And grilled are fine if you're firing up the old grill ... but for less muss'n'fuss, the Cosori Air Fryer is fab.

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Here are the numbers for this very simple, yet delicious hot dog on zero net carb bun!

By The Numbers

The numbers shown below are for the whole recipe and serves one.

  • 292 Calories
  • 20.3 grams of Protein
  • 2.2 Net Carbs
  • 24.4 grams of Fat

Keeping Track ...

When you first start on a low carb Keto diet, I do recommend keeping track of what you eat with either an app on your phone (and/or a desktop computer version both of which I do use daily), or use one of my tracking books if you’re a pencil and paper person. The digital tracker I use is called Cronometer.

Make Every Bite Count & Count Every Bite

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What is a
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