Lose Weight... The Keto Way!

    Lose Weight...
The Keto Way!

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Getting Older?
Can't Lose That Dang Weight?

Getting Older?
Can't Lose That
Dang Weight?

I was in your shoes, trying hard to lose weight... and I couldn't find a diet that worked. My weight was up, down—sideways—back up... and up.

Nothing worked. Until... I found a diet that did work. Even though I'd heard of "Keto" diets a couple of years ago, I just rolled my eyes at the thought of yet another fad diet hitting the streets.

Boy, was I wrong. This is how I found out about it.

Susan Gast owner, Finally-Keto and more

Need Reasons
to go KETO?

5 Fat-Busting Myths EXPOSED by Finally Keto

read 5 good reasons right HERE
"5 Fat-Busting Myths EXPOSED"
Are you FED UP with the old DIET INDUSTRY?
Yes, you CAN lose weight!

Ever Wonder Why You
 Can't Lose Weight?

Ever Wonder Why You

Can't Lose Weight?

It wasn't hard to lose weight when we were younger, right? We could eat anything and everything and never gain weight. But for most of us, those days are long gone.

We've been fed a bunch of myths. Have you got your free copy of our eye-opening eBook yet? Read more about it HERE.

The Typical Carb-Laden Diet

The Typical
Carb-Laden Diet

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On a typical carb-laden low-fat diet, we stuff our faces with pasta, bread, and cakes—but we make sure to include the calorie-count in our restricted calorie-counted dietso we must lose weight, right? No—that's the problem!

Not only had we cut way back on the fat, we had allowed all those nasty carbs in! AND we also used the logic that there's about half the calories in carbs than fat. Yep, you might aim for 1200 calories a day—but they're 1200 calories of fat-clinging carbs!

Hey, don't be sad: Check out the ads from ThinSlim Foods below! THEY have bread and cakes YOU CAN enjoy with zero guilt and zero net-carbs AND they also have low-carb options, too! Perfect for a Keto diet.

Keto Kicks Up Your Metabolism!

Keto Kicks Up
Your Metabolism!

Fact: Our metabolism slows as we age, but we still eat the same amount of food out of habit. This deadly habit equates to added pounds. Try as we might to hide the spare tires of fat beneath baggy clothes, we are fooling no one but ourselves.

Even worse, we just give up trying to lose weight because we feel defeated. What the diet industry has told us about restricting calories and fat intake has been a lot of misinformation—probably unintentionally at the time.

They had it all backwards and Gary's book Deconstructing Diabetes showed me the light.

Change over to a Keto diet and experience the magic for yourself! Opt in for our Newsletter and get our 5 Myths Exposed eBook absolutely free, as mentioned earlier. See for yourself how you were hoodwinked into believing that a low-fat diet works. It doesn't—it didn't for me—and I bet it isn't working for you either.

* As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. The price you pay does not increase. Also, as a ThinSlim Foods and Cronometer affiliate, I may earn a small commission too. Again, the price you pay does not increase. You help me keep the lights on!

Check out Susan's weight-loss progress chart here.

Susan Gast owner, Finally-Keto and more

Susan Gast created Finally-Keto.com on June 10th, 2020. Read Susan's story of what sparked her interest in all things related to the Keto Diet.

Susan is featured on Mother Earth News blog, and on Solo Build It (SBI) who host this site along with her sister site, Easy Food Dehydrating. Read her first SBI interview, and her second SBI interview. Susan also runs an additional SBI website: SusanGast.com - Non-Fiction Author - and showcases many of the books she's created and marketed over the years.

Since 1980, Susan's involvement in publishing - in one form or another - led her to create a "review site" of products related to the publishing industry. Visit ePubTechReviews today.

Do you want to send Susan a quick message? Visit her contact page here. She'd love to hear from you!

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