Peanut Butter

Keto, Justin's Hampton Farms, Skippy Peanut Butter assortment

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Are YOU Nuts About Peanut Butter?

If you are as nuts about peanut butter as much as we are, you’ve no doubt got an assortment filling your pantry shelves too.

QUESTION: Can you guess the “net carbs” in each of these brands? Do you know which one is the lowest, net-carb-wise?

(Answer at the bottom of this page - DON'T cheat).

ThinSlim Foods® has ZERO NET CARB breads ...
and a whole lot more! (Pasta, Cakes, Cookies...)

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What’s YOUR
Favorite Peanut Butter?

Does your Peanut Butter’s net-carbs BEAT our Peanut Butters' net-carbs in our selection? If so, share the news!

Enter Your Peanut Butter's NAME In The Box Below

Peanut Butter Is So Versatile

You can spread it on your toast in the mornin’ … or on a Keto bagel, or enjoy straight up! Include it recipes ... I’ve made “peanut butter bites” from Suzanne Ryan’s excellent book, Simply Keto.

I was born in Britain and NOT familiar at all with the old American tradition of eating a PB&J sandwich! I now realize just how much I missed out on eating peanut butter as a kid. (I won't hold it against you, mum).

Where Do Peanuts Come From?

According to History of Peanuts & Peanut Butter on the site “National Peanut Board”, they say that the likely point of origin of peanuts is probably Peru or Brazil due to the discovery of peanut-shaped pottery dating back as far as 3500 years ago!

Revered by the Peruvian Incas, peanuts were placed as sacrificial offerings inside their burial tombs.

The first folk to actually create butter from peanuts were the South American Inca Indians. North American production began in the late 1800s/early 1900s by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg. Yes, the cereal giant.

How Do You Make Peanut Butter?

I found this interesting article on “Headbanger’s Kitchen” regarding how to make your own true Keto peanut butter.

Bear in mind that regular store-bought peanut butter has added sugars - and that’s a big no-no - whether you go Keto for weight loss, or because you’re a diabetic or pre-diabetic. Whatever the reason, it’s a wise move to ditch sugar.

Headbanger's Kitchen's recipe boasts 2g NET carbs per 15g tablespoon per serving. Wow. The recipe basically consists of salted peanuts, melted butter, and liquid Stevia drops.

Did You Guess The Net Carbs
In Our Photo?

In order to work out the net carbs, read this page first.

Drum roll! And the winner is:

Now go make yourself a PB and ... sorry ... no J  using this bread!

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