Rye Bread by ThinSlim Foods

I love rye bread! But not all the carbs it contains.

I was delighted to find a brand called ThinSlim Foods … “Love the Taste” with “zero net carbs.” Wow. Interest piqued.

Rye Bread "Bacon Butty"

Zero Net Carb Rye Bread by ThinSlim Foods with bacon, cheese!

Check out this simple Keto Bacon and Cheese sandwich by clicking the image above or visiting this recipe link.

Nestled between 2 slices of buttered ThinSlim Foods' zero net-carb rye bread, is real Cheddar cheese tucked below the bacon!

it’s what we Brits call a “Bacon Butty.”  All that means is it’s a bacon sandwich!

I’ve no idea where the word “butty” originated but I still use the word after 40 years of living in the US!  (Pronounced buh-tee)

ThinSlim Foods advertisements

ThinSlim Foods® has ZERO NET CARB breads ...
and a whole lot more! (Pasta, Cakes, Cookies...)

ThinSlim Foods Hamburger Buns
Click LINK below to

Go Low Carb!

Egg On Rye Bread With Cheese

Fried Egg, Ham, Cheese on zero net carb bread from ThinSlim Foods

Above is a photo of 2 slices of ThinSlim Rye (only 90 cals for both slices!) with a slice of white cheese, some Old Farmer’s Ham (Walmart deli), and topped with a ‘fried egg.’  (Recipe coming soon!)

This "Fried" Egg on Rye Bread with Ham  (shown in the photo below) is a simple recipe of an Egg on buttered ThinSlim Foods Rye Bread with a slice of Ham. It's featured on our Keto Diet Recipes page.

The recipe provides the calories, fat, net carbs, and protein amounts in grams in the "By the Numbers" yellow box.

Click the photo to go straight to the recipe!

Excellent Earthenware Cooker!

Years ago, my mum got me this “as seen on TV” small brown glazed earthenware dish with a lid with a hole in it. It’s PERFECT for replicating a fried egg without all the mess.

Brown glazed earthenware pot with lid

I add a dash of canola oil (yep, I know - it’s considered a ‘bad fat’ but I only have 1/2 a teaspoon as it’s the right kind of oil to give the egg that “fried egg” taste!).

Next, I crack an egg in it, and then add a bit of salt to season. Put the lid on. Microwave the egg for 23 seconds on full power. Let it SIT for 20 seconds. Microwave again for 23 seconds. This WILL give you a solid yolk but I’m ok with solid yolks, folks! 

If your egg was already at room temperature, try 20 seconds, rest 20 seconds, micro 20 seconds. Also, if you like your yolk runny, a cold egg at the 20/20/20 cook time could be perfect for you.

I toasted the rye bread (in a regular toaster) just like you would any other bread.

Go make something egg-stra special for YOUR Keto diet using ThinSlim Foods' delish rye bread!

Just to let you know, ThinSlim Foods has a wide array of Keto-friendly zero net carb breads. They have the rye bread I've shown you and honey bread too! Check out this impressive list of bread offerings:

Pssst ... they have Pizza Crusts too!

Now you've NO EXCUSE to Go Keto with finally-KETO and get rid of that weight!

Starting A Keto Diet
Part 1
- Starting a Keto Diet      Part 2 - Keto Foods to Eat 
Part 3 - Keto Sweet Treats

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