Starting A Keto Diet

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When starting a Keto diet, the most important step is to make the decision to start! You also need determination to succeed and have a clear picture in your mind how you're going to look and feel when you're all slim and sexy.

Seriously. Keep that mental image of your gorgeous-slim-self IN MIND at all times. Look, there’s no point in being wishy-washy and saying you’ll start the diet “next week.” Next week comes and goes, but the fat remains rooted around your midsection… and thighs… and butt.

Do yourself a BIG favor and start the diet TODAY. Procrastination is pointless and means you’ve lost a day that ultimately would bring you closer to your goal weight. Check out my Weight Loss Progress Chart here!

When we begin anything new, it’s always a little overwhelming and intimidating. It’s no different starting a Keto diet. The key is to have a plan. See our Five Steps to Follow coming up.

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but first ...

What is a Keto Diet?

On a Keto diet, we eat more fat for fuel and drastically cut the carbs.
This enables the body to quickly use the carbs we eat first and then the body has no choice but to burn the stored fat-reserves for fuel. The state of burning off the fat is called Ketogenesis.

Get started on the right path today at finally-KETO.

Starting A Keto Diet Is EXCITING!

Starting A Keto Diet

It’s time to make that all-important, life-changing decision and get excited about starting a Keto diet. It’s only as hard as you make it. This adage is true: “You’ve got nothing to lose but weight.”

Make today be the day you begin YOUR Keto diet and watch your waistline shrink and your excess weight disappear.

Next up are my FIVE steps to get YOU started on a Keto diet:

Five Steps To Follow
When Starting A Keto Diet

  1. Get Gary’s Book ~ Deconstructing Diabetes
  2. Get Suzanne’s Book ~ Simply Keto
  3. Make room in your pantry and buy these staple foods
  4. Get the Cronometer app on your cellphone (they have a free version) and use their website version too ~ I use the phone app and desktop version.
  5. Get the Keto Kick-Off Journal to keep track if you prefer using a pen/pencil

Step 1

Deconstructing Diabetes by Gary Zeidman

Deconstructing Diabetes by Gary Zeidman

Your first task is to read this book by Gary Zeidman, titled Deconstructing Diabetes. I came across this book because I work from home—(reviewing books at Beesville Books)—and Gary’s book was on my to-do list.

Because I had an inkling that I could be “pre-diabetic” (fair, fat, and way over forty years old) I thought Gary's book would make for a good read. And boy were my eyes opened!

Everything I’d read (and put into action) for the past 20 to 30 years regarding losing weight was all WRONG.

Simply Keto by Suzanne Ryan

Step 2

Simply Keto by Suzanne Ryan

Your second task is to get Suzanne Ryan's Simply Keto paperback book.

She describes her journey and how Keto works for her. Notice I say "works" because she maintains a Keto lifestyle (but admits to the occasional higher-carb indulgence occasionally). Her book also has tons of BEAUTIFUL easy-to-make super-tasty recipes!

Step 3

Make Room For Keto Foods!

Pantry shelves stocked with Keto-friendly must-haves

Your third task is to make room in your pantry for your new Keto foods. Here’s a photo of my two-foot pantry section with my Keto-staple foods (mainly for baking).

All I needed were two 2-foot shelf sections, i.e. one shelf above the other. The photo shows the lower shelf for ingredients “in use,” and the shelf above it (just out of the picture) is for my “backup Keto ingredients.”

Step 4

Keep Your Keto Diet On-Track

Track Your Nutrition & Health Data with

Your fourth task is to get going with Cronometer.

NOTE: Cronometer is a free desktop/phone app but I use the "Gold" version which is ad-free.
I gladly pay for the ad-free version which currently costs only $35 a year. Well worth it.

it's easy to keep on track!

To keep me on track, at the END OF EACH DAY, I enter my meals FOR the DAY AFTER. This is worth repeating:

For tomorrow's meals, I open the app and enter my food choices at the end of the current day.

This way, when you wake up, there's no "morning panic." You KNOW what you're going to eat TODAY because you did the planning LAST NIGHT.

CLICK images below for a larger gallery view

Cronometer - Macro Nutrients for a Keto Diet
Cronometer - A Typical Day on a Keto Diet

Inside Cronometer you'll be able to set your targets for your desired rate of weight loss. I show my fixed values above; your values will be different.

Signup to and save 10% on gold subscriptions.

* As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. The price you pay does not increase. Also, as a ThinSlim Foods and Cronometer affiliate, I may earn a small commission too. Again, the price you pay does not increase. You help me keep the lights on!

If you want to keep a written log, consider getting this paperback book:

KETO Kick-Off Journal by finally-KETO

Either use Cronometer ~ or ~ if you're a pencil-and-paper type of person—then you'll enjoy using the paperback book called the Keto Kick-Off Journal.

You record everything in here. This six-month daily meal tracking journal is for those of you who need ONE easy place that lets you KEEP TRACK of your daily meals, specifically their Protein, Fat, Net Carbs, and Calorie counts gleaned from your collection of fabulous recipe books.

What Will This Keto Kick-off Journal Help Me Do?

  • 183 pages (covers six full months) for you to enter your three meals, plus desserts and snacks. 
  • Weight Loss Chart to track progress and keep you motivated to reach goal!
  • 93 pages for you to write in your thoughts, like a journal within a journal!

Step 5

Finally KETO Recipe Keeper

finally KETO Recipe Keeper by finally-KETO

Pick up a copy of our Keto Recipe Keeper. Keep all your expensive Keto cookbooks CLEAN! You'll have all your fave recipes in ONE place. This means no more leafing through a dozen books to find that one dang recipe you just have to make right now!

This Recipe Keeper has a TOC (Table of Contents) so you can quickly find the recipe you're looking for. Nice!

Starting A Keto Diet Is NOT Too Expensive!

Starting A Keto Diet
Is NOT Too Expensive!

Look, I understand that you have to fork out some money initially to get the staples and the books. I look at it this way: starting a Keto diet and staying on it is far cheaper than going on Nutrisystem®, WeightWatchers®, Atkins® et al. Plus, starting a Keto diet the finally-KETO way puts YOU in control of what you eat.

When you get pre-packaged stuff from the big diet companies, after you’ve lost the weight and quit buying their stuff, you go right back to eating how you did before… and the weight comes right back on… and then some…. (Ask me how I know). It’s depressing.

But speaking of control and keeping track, don’t forget to sign up for the (free) Cronometer app or desktop version. It keeps me on track and takes the guesswork out of what I’m eating. I truly believe that keeping track is a big key to your Keto weight-loss success. Either keep track manually by getting the Keto Kick-Off Journal, or do it digitally by using Cronometer.

In the next post, Part 2, we get into what foods to eat (and where I get them) when stocking your Keto pantry! See you over there...

Starting A Keto Diet
Part 1
- Starting a Keto Diet 
Part 2 - Keto Foods to Eat 
Part 3 - Keto Sweet Treats

Here’s to YOUR health!

Susan Gast

PS—Make sure you get our free eBook today 5 Fat-Busting Myths EXPOSED!
It's enough to make your head explode...

Susan Gast owner, Finally-Keto and more

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