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Weight Loss Progress Chart

Weight Loss
Progress Chart

Weight Loss Progress Chart

Here is my weight loss progress chart. I wanted to provide proof that a low-carb Keto diet actually works!

I started my Keto diet on January 12, 2020, but I went back to the beginning of the year so that my highest weight of 2020 is shown. My actual highest was 150.4 back on April 1st of 2019—talk about a "nice" April Fool's Day shock... not!

weight-loss chart

Keep Track With Your Own
Weight Loss Progress Chart

Keep Track With Your Own
Weight Loss Progress Chart

Nothing spurs you on more than visually seeing the week-to-week line go farther and farther down. It's downright inspiring!

Key thing is NOT to panic if/when your weight goes up a little.

I had a minor blip up (June 24 to July 1 week) when I spent three days down in Key West. Yes, I DID splurge on some french fries down at the Southernmost Beach Café. I just HAD to have their seasoned fries. Craving cured.

PS... I DID share that huge box of fries (shown below) with hubby Alan... and the birds!

I'm admitting my high-carb splurge to you because I want to show you that one planned "treat" doesn't mean you go off the rails.

Click on an image below; it opens up into a gallery where you can see each of these photos in much more detail! Use the "X Close" button to exit the gallery.

Fabulous "naughty" seasoned french fries at Southernmost Beach Cafe, Key West
Susan at Southernmost Beach Cafe, Key West
Feeding the chicks and birds with fries at Southernmost Beach Cafe, Key West
Outside view of Southernmost Beach Cafe, Key West

Susan Gast owner, Finally-Keto and more

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to go KETO?

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"5 Fat-Busting Myths EXPOSED"
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Best Time To Get Weighed?

Best Time To
Get Weighed?

The best time to get weighed is at the SAME TIME once a week. As naked as you can get... after your morning pee (and poo if you can go first thing!)

My weigh-day is a Wednesday. A Wednesday-weigh-in gives me Monday and Tuesday to hunker down if I've been a tad slack over the weekend. Having said that, I really haven't been off track at all while on my finally-KETO diet...

Why? Because the Keto diet keeps you feeling full—not overly-stuffed full—but definitely keeps that annoying gnawing need to go foraging for food at bay.

To be honest, this is the BEST DIET I've ever been on. I also see NO NEED to "go back" to my other way of eating. Meaning? I'm NOT going back to eating regular carb-laden breads. Or cakes. Or cookies. I have NO NEED TO! Check out the bread bun ad at the bottom of the page; it's where I get my zero net-carb bread and cookies!

I will also continue to create and eat my own recipes and continue to enjoy Suzanne Ryan's fantastic Keto books:

Those two books provide all the inspiration I need to keep on eating the low-carb way—for life! As stated above, yes, I do create my own recipes I share here.

Of course I'll use my Cronometer to keep track when I reach goal weight (not long to go now!!!) and I'll increase my calorie intake proportionally to the fat, protein, and carb levels Cronometer gives me.

Or just not exercise as much.

Nah, I WILL continue to ride my exercise bike while watching "House Hunters" et al. It passes the time and before I know it, my five miles are up! And I'll also continue to update my weight loss progress chart!

Keep Track With Cronometer

Keep Track
With Cronometer

Speaking of Cronometer, it provides excellent weight loss progress charts of its own. But I was determined to create my chart in Excel (after nearly tearing my hair out figuring out how to make a dang chart!) so you could see it (at the top of the page, in blue).

Check out this example of what I ate and recorded in Cronometer.

Make Every Bite Count & Count Every Bite

* As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. The price you pay does not increase. Also, as a ThinSlim Foods and Cronometer affiliate, I may earn a small commission too. Again, the price you pay does not increase. You help me keep the lights on!

Thanks for reading! I hope I've given YOU the inspiration to begin YOUR finally-KETO diet! Check out these links below to get started:

Starting A Keto Diet
Part 1
- Starting a Keto Diet 
Part 2 - Keto Foods to Eat 
Part 3 - Keto Sweet Treats


Here is my UPDATED weight loss progress chart... pretty neat, huh? From Jan to August 2020.

Finally-Keto Susan's weight loss chart updated Jan 1, 2020 to Aug 5, 2020

Susan Gast owner, Finally-Keto and more

Susan Gast created on June 10th, 2020. Read Susan's story of what sparked her interest in all things related to the Keto Diet.

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