What Causes Diabetes?

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Excess Glucose Causes Sugar Spikes

Want to know what causes diabetes? When we eat too many carbs: bread, ice cream, cakes, pasta … it’s our body’s job to break the down the carbohydrates into glucose for energy and it uses this source of fuel first before it looks for fat to burn.

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This Is What Causes Diabetes!

Sadly, due to the over consumption of carbs, the fat remains untouched for fuel. The un-burned carbohydrates are then stored as fat and gets added to our waistline. And thighs. And derrieres. And then we end up with the dreaded diabetes. And it can be avoided.

It’s this excess glucose from too many carbs that produces the well-known sugar spikes that raise your blood sugar levels - sometimes to dangerous levels.
In order to combat these sugar spikes, your pancreas needs to produce more and more insulin to create a balance in your bloodstream.

Stop Abusing Your Poor Pancreas!

After years of this up - down, up - down sugar spiking, your poor pancreas has been working overtime ... but what’s even more sad: you’ve become insulin-resistant.

Kind of like the alcoholic that needs more and more booze to get the buzz. (I can tell you that because I’m an ex-drinker; been sober for over two decades years now but that’s another story! See A New Sober You.)

Stop abusing your pancreas!


By cutting way back on the carbs. Over the years, you’ve put a huge strain on your pancreas. For many older women (like me!), you’ve probably already had your gallbladder removed … shouldn’t that have been a big enough warning sign that you need to change the way you eat?
It often isn’t; it wasn’t a big-enough warning sign for me.
Your pancreas’ job is to lower the glucose levels by providing insulin and to promote storage of “extra” glucose to be used as energy. But if we’re inactive, the extra glucose simply turns to fat.
Don’t wait until it’s too late. It’s time to reduce your intake of carbs right now so you can improve your blood sugar, triglyceride, and insulin levels.
Keep on eating too many carbs, and diabetes is the result.
And try as we might to lose weight, we tend only to cut back on calories and try to be a bit more active. But still that stubborn fat clings to our midsection.


Because we’re still ingesting too many carbohydrates as I’ve already pointed out.

Low-Fat Diet Doom

Years ago, low-fat diets were all the rage. We became ingrained with the fear of fat.
Well, it made sense. We computed that fat = fat. After all, there are twice as many calories in fat as in carbs … so it made sense back then to cut the fat.
I’m glad there are many dedicated dietary research scientists out there today. They could see that low-fat diets don’t work … in fact they concluded we all gained weight from eating a low-fat diet!

Deconstructing Diabetes

It wasn’t until I read Deconstructing Diabetes by Gary Zeidman that the proverbial penny dropped. My low-fat diet was the very OPPOSITE of what I should have been following to lose weight.
Read more about Gary’s book on this page.

Now you know what causes diabetes. If you don't already have diabetes, make sure you won't get it. Go Keto. And if you do have diabetes? Please visit your doctor or a nutritionist and talk over 'going Keto' with them. Make sure your doctor and/or nutritionist is Keto-savvy first by giving them a call. There's too much bad info. out there surrounding Keto diets. (It's probably propaganda from the massive diet companies out there who want to keep you fat and eating their products). 'Nuff said.

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What is a
Keto Diet?

On a Keto diet we eat more fat for fuel and drastically cut the carbs.
This enables the body to quickly use the carbs we eat first and then
the body has no choice but to burn the stored fat-reserves for fuel.
The state of burning off the fat is called Ketogenesis.

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